Elephant and Calf

Tafadzwe Stonya
Verdite Stone
Size :
73 x 71 x 42

This magnificent sculpture was carved from Verdite stone by the talented contemporary artist Zimbabwean TAFADZWE STONYA who was specifically commissioned by us to create it. With it’s finely observed detail, the sculpture took almost one year of phenomenal concentration to fashion. Its subject of elephant mother and calf represents protection, caring, patience and endurance.

Known as ‘African jade’, verdite is a beautiful variegated green semi-precious stone found in Eastern Zimbabwe and in South Africa close to the North Kaap River. Dating back up to 3.5 billion years, it is used to create jewellery, fine in-lay in furniture and sculptures. Often used as Chakra stones, verdite is thought by many to bring healing, strength and harmony. Verdite is also known in parts of Africa as ‘green gold’ because of its increasing rarity and value. It is remarkably uncommon for a sculpture of this size to be created solely from verdite stone.

Elephant Mother and Calf is a wholly unique and exquisite work of art that would become the focus of attention in any large home or office.